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DJ Carloss’ love of music started at 15 years old, listening to tape packs of Jungle music. It wasn’t long after that, he heard his first Garage tape and that’s when his passion for Garage took off.

He started doing house parties, then progressing on to having residencies at numerous clubs around Kingston including Options and Volts as well as many pubs.

It was in 1998 that Carloss’ first played on pirate radio and his passion for music led him to buying the record shop, A&D Sounds, Mitcham in 2000.

It was in 2001 that he first played on FLEX FM, with his show on Saturday mornings and was setting up transmitters with the team.

Carloss went on to starting his first pirate radio station, which then quickly expanded to owning numerous stations across London. By this point, he was well and truly hooked on pirate radio and there was no looking back.

In 2009, Carloss became joint owner of FLEX FM, alongside DJ Outlaw. It was then that his djing career catapulted as he teamed up with MC Tempo. Their hugely popular Anything Goes show on FLEX (which will be returning), led them to performing at all major events, clubs, boat parties both in the UK and abroad. In 2010, Carloss then took his hand to promoting. Events included Smartie Party, Fantazia, Its A London Thing, Old Skool House, Garage Nation, Sun City, Found, and Heritage to name but a few.

MC Nicky D then joined in 2011, making them a trio, otherwise known as ‘The 3 Amigos’, where they held a very successful show on Saturday evenings. It was from that their club night ‘We Like To Party’ was born.

Carloss was then fortunate enough to be invited by the International Radio Festival to attend with FLEX FM and perform 3 years in a row at their European events.

In 2016, after being the driving force and taking FLEX FM to a new high, he decided to move things forward and took the decision to apply for a legal Community Radio Licence, which he was awarded in 2017.


As I am sure you’re aware, Nicky D is a real lover of Old Skool Garage, dating from ‘95 to ‘99 eras. This started from nicking a Garage Nation tape from his older brother in the late 90s, listening to the likes of Charlie Brown (rip) MC Sparks (rip) Teller MC, CKP, PSG to name but a few. He loved what he was hearing.
From the age of 15, he started to get more involved, writing lyrics, only really be putting them to use in friends houses and the odd house party. In 2009 he was introduced to a friends brother (DJ Activist), who was looking for a host to jump on a thriving pirate station, FLEX FM, only broadcasting at weekends. Without doubt, this was a great opportunity for him to relight the flame and get back into things, landing a Sunday morning show,
In 2010, FLEX FM started broadcasting 7 days a week, which saw Nicky, on a Wednesday evening 6 till 8, hosting shows with numerous FLEX DJ’s, playing at events such as Resurrection, Its A London Thing, Garage Nation and Sun City to name a few… 2011 was a big year, joining forces with DJ Carloss and MC Tempo for the birth of “THE 3 AMIGOS” and also the “We Like To Party” event.
Since then, the trio are well known for their party type shows, very energetic and always good banter flying around!!

Nicky is very excited for the times ahead and looks forward to the launch of the 3 amigos new show “FLASH BACK FRIDAY’S” pirate style 20.00 /22.00 on FLEX FM UK


Tempo love affair with music has been life long. His mother would throw parties at the house and Tempo would sneak out of bed and entertain everyone with his legendary dance moves before being sent back to bed…… Music is embedded into his genes and of course being born in the 80’s and growing up in south west London it’s was inevitable that garage music was going to be a big part of his life, and it sure is.
From the moment he heard a garage track he was on it! Scanning the radars for pirate stations playing garage, borrowing tape packs for his Walkman and mimicking all “oldskool mc’s” . It was in high school around 1999 when he starting writing lyrics and formed the Cruz control crew. This was when he had his first taste of pirate radio and met his future partner in crime DJ Carloss. After a while of playing a regular weekly show, Tempo started to perform at under 18 events locally in Sutton, Croydon and Kingston. This was when his MC career started…..
He continued to play on a variety on pirate radio stations and recording mix tapes also playing at local events, Cruz control crew eventually went their own ways and Tempo decided to do the holiday season thing and in the 2008 and 2009 seasons went to Koss, Greece, playing at the main event on the island, Pure Temptation.
Returning to the UK 2009, this is when things really started to take off hooking up with DJ Carloss and forming a partnership, creating the hugely popular ‘Anything Goes’ show on FLEX FM. This led them to playing at all major events including Garage Nation, Sun City, It’s A London Thing, Sundance, as well as holding down a number of residencies. Tempo also joined Carloss and the FLEX FM team, also performing at the amazing International Radio Festival, Switzerland.
In 2011 Nicky D joined the duo on the already popular ‘We Like To Party Show’ and formed ‘The 3 Amigos.’ After holding down the Super Saturdays on FLEX FM for many years, the trio moved to Thursdays and the energy was exactly the same! Playing at some of the best clubs and parties in the UK, they continue to bring the ultimate party vibe and will until the end of time ?

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