DJ Friskie aka Sam Ford, born in South London, was brought into music from a young age, being taken around the record shops of London by his dad, he soon discovered his love for music. From getting his first pair of turntables at the age of 13, he soon knew that this was something he loved doing.

He starting out by mixing UKG, picking up the art of mixing really quickly. He started messing around in his room and soon got a taste of playing out on a family holiday to the following year. One night, the regular DJ didn’t turn up and he said to the bar owner I could do it, which started a 2 1/2 week evening job in Greece at the age of 14.

The change from mixing UKG to DNB was made at 15, when a support teacher in school brought his whole DJ setup into the music room and allowed the students who brought vinyl in to play and mix alongside him. A few weeks later, he attended his first rave at SE1 for United Dance. Walking in seeing Hype, Shabba and Skibba, it was then he knew this was what he wanted to do.

Starting his first ever internet radio show on Elete, he held down a regular show for just under a year with a good friend Dirty Habit, he moved on to the FM frequency with Edge FM, holding down a midnight til 2am show for a little under 2 years.

Throughout the next 10 years, Friskie held down regular radio shows on London pirates such as Kool FM, Lawlow FM, Origin FM, Kent and Essex’s Cyndicut FM. From there, Friskie met up with Kieron (DJ Kre), where they formed the record label DUB DAMAGE RECORDS.

For the last 4-5 years, Dub Damage has taken Friskie to play in many places across Europe; many times in Belguim, playing at festivals such as City Flow, Invaderz, Bad Habits, Jeurgdeen Festeen and Basic Summer fest to name but a few. He has also played in Barcelona, Kavos and Germany multiple times.

Friskie has played at events around the UK, such as Innovation, Breakin Science, was a resident at MC Eksmans brand, Next Hype and playing at many other smaller events across the UK and Europe.

DUB DAMAGE Records is known across Europe for providing the dancefloors with the grottiest, newest dnb to date, with some of the dirtiest basslines and stomping drums.

Friskie is known to play dnb that is straight from the underground, but has a serious love for some of the deeper, soulful, liquid vibes. In his radio shows, you can expect a 360 degree selection of drum and bass with some quick mixing and long blends of the freshest dnb to date. There is not a lot you probably shouldn’t expect from Friskie.

Tune into DJ Friskie every Thursday from 18:00 – 20:00

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