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From an early age, all Johnny B knew was dance. He was hooked from the minute he heard his brothers playing underground dance music and telling stories of MM25 raves.

From this young age Johnny B knew he wanted to be a DJ, feeding crowds and creating moments.
Soon he was buying all the vinyl he could afford and tirelessly learning the craft. Listening to every pirate radio and tape recordings he could find: Don FM, Fantasy, Centreforce and FLEX FM.

Other kids had footballers as hero’s but Johnny had the likes of Grooverider, Fabio, Jumping Jack Frost, and Micky Finn.
Learning quickly he moved onto club nights and parties in Brixton and Camberwell. As well as small festivals and free parties. Constantly learning and developing what is now his unique style of heavy beats and high energy mixing. Encompassing the full 360 degrees of jungle & drum and bass.

After taking a long break from the scene he returned in 2013 with a target - mainstream Drum and Bass. After a year of playing and guesting on pirate radio he landed a residency with Epidemik which opened the door to play many of the gigs and clubs he’d raved at as a teenager.

Late 2016 he guested on FLEX FM before taking a bi weekly show. He now had a platform to display his hard earned knowledge and skills and was soon rewarded with a residency with the mighty Jungle Splash. Quickly becoming a crowd favourite he’s earned his place in the family and plays the DnB splash room for both Jungle Splash and Garage splash nights.

Radio Appearances and Residencies; Scream fm/ logic fm/Uk pressure/ flight fm/ urbanfmtv/ reaction radio/ origin fm/ rough tempo/ Uk raw radio/ pyro radio/ flex fm

Events: Epidemik/ Breakin Science/ Innovation/ Faster/ Jungle Mania/ Highly Contagious/ Moondance/ Bangers n Mash/ Sticky/ Definition/ Dirty Bass/ Hysteria/ Twisted Fix/ House Is A Feelin/ Drumatics/ Jungle Splash/ Garage Splash/ Vertigo/ Kapow

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