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Junior Buzz

Junior Buzz mastered his skills playing Jungle, Jungle Techno, D&B, Garage and Bass. Beginning his journey as a young lad, he stepped up to play in clubs alongside headliner DJ’s, from the age of 15. Citing his Dad as his inspiration, the knowledge and passion he had then has matured and exploded into a medley of fusion and sounds. It is his signature refusal to be restrained to one genre that keeps his mixes fresh and his followers hollering with surprise.

2018 kicking in with over 12 parties planned for Garage Splash @ Fire & Lightbox where you can catch Junior Buzz 3am alongside his host Loski boi. Flex FM weekly, pushing new music & artists, and in the studio with Sovereign - with releases lined up for Garage Splash label.

Loski Boy

Loski boy has been in and around the sound system movement from way back in the early 90’s with his dad in Brixton where he learnt his trade.
Drawing knowledge from those experiences he got into his own movement and started promoting events himself which lead him to link up with childhood friend Jnr Buzz where they both started their own successful brand (DSUB) & held many successful events in clubs such a Brixton Jamm / GSS Warehouse & Brixton Clubhouse over a number of years.
From that, Loski Boy found himself picking up the mic and becoming Junior’s main MC. Since then, he has performed at many clubs, raves, festival's and boat parties to list a few... Raindance / Moondance / United fest and many more, plus cementing his role & position as the main host for Garage Splash where you’ll find him each & every month hyping up the crowd & bringing nothing but pure vibes & energy

With 2018 kicking in and over twelve parties with Garage Splash at Fire and LightBox booked already, you can catch Loski Boy alongside Jnr Buzz at their usual set time of 3am.

Tune into Junior Buzz and Loski BoY every Tuesday from 20:00 – 00:00

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