DJ Kane is a legend in the Jungle Drum and Bass Scene. Having begun his professional DJ career at the age of of 17 (1992) and getting his first Record released at the age of 18, he has gone on to be an important figure in the development of a Scene that is now a truly Global phenomenon.

From creating genre defining music on labels like Trouble on Vinyl, No U Turn, Congo Natty, Renegade Hardware and Undiluted, to his legendary shows on Kool FM between 1992-2017, with appearances on Radio One's - One In The Jungle, to being part of the first generation of DJ's to Tour the world representing Jungle dNb DJ Kane has done exactly that, Represented!

A name synonymous with the Rave Scene, DJ Kane has also been instrumental in promoting some of the most memorable events in UK Rave history. Kane is now back at the helm of the first label to ever release his music, Trouble on Vinyl and has plenty of projects forthcoming from the camp. He has also been selected to represent the genre on London's finest Underground Dance Music Station, the newly licensed Flex FM where he will be showcasing the very best that Jungle Drum and Bass has to offer, bi-weekly Tuesday's 8-10pm.

DJ Kane is definitely one to watch in 2018.

You can catch him every Tuesday from 20:00-22:00

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