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The year, 1998. The location, Wandsworth: the birth place of Kronik records Nicky Day and Scott Garcia started a record label which at the time was forefront in garage music.

Overr the years we have had all sorts of artists through knronik studios from MC Neat, Geniues Crew, Sticky, Mobb deep, Beatnuts, Jocelyn Brown, Record Kingz, the list goes on and on…

Now Kronik Records new artists are making Hiphop , Grime, Drill, Trap UK Rap , Afro-beats and more.

With artists like Triggy, 18 year old South London rapper, just released HANDY MANNY.


Also look out for Astro Blacksmith, SG GANG, WOP, Burbs, Driggy, TYNUNI & Elz, Esxen, Marlmanic who all with have debut singles.


Now we are proud to be part of the FLEX family with our new Kronik Showcase which will be presented by Astro Blacksmith and Nicky Day with guest appearances.

The show will be playing all the latest Kronik releases and all the latest urban music on the street.

Tune in to Kronik Records once a month on Wednesday from 16:00-18:00

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