Shy Cookie is best known for his production work on MOBO Award Winners DJ Luck, MC Neat and Jay Jays hits, Shy Cookie has been producing hit UK Garage music since 1998 (debuting with a remix of ‘El Paraiso Rico’ – released as a DJ Luck and MC Neat track).
After enjoying some success with his debut he released the UK Garage hits ‘Troublesome’, ‘Poison’, and ‘Burning’ on Kronik Records he moved to Middlerow records in 1999.
After producing two of the four tracks that made up the ‘Warm Up E.P.’ a 4 track promo for an unreleased album, and the single ‘Boom Tune’ for Middlerow/EMI records he went on to co-produce DJ Luck and Neats album ‘It’s all good’, released on Island records in 2002 including the hit ‘Irie’.
In 2004 Shy Cookie stopped releasing music.
Though he had produced a number of hits up that point, he did not receive the recognition he should have for his work.
After a number of years producing for others, as well as proving himself across Europe as a DJ he decided to direct his efforts to teaching the young about music production/performance and set up a studio to do exactly that.
He then went on to teach music production full time at Middlesex University for a number of years but still continued to write and produce music.
In July 2015 Shy Cookie and new artist (but well established event promoter and old friend) Ormshi went into partnership to build a studio and independent label/production facility. For this project the name Audio Intuition was chosen as a play on the name A.I. (Shy Cookie and Ormshi’s actual names are Alex and Ishmael).
A major part of the project however was the live music element that they now both had a passion for. This passion led to the idea of forming a band to play the digital productions they make live, with the set produced and hosted by Shy Cookie. The House & Garage Orchestra was realised by Shy Cookie and Ormshi at the end of 2015, debuting on Rinse fm in early 2016.
Since then the project has performed at various events such as at Proud Camden, Queen of Hoxton, as well as the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in 2017.
The House & Garage Orchestra is now looking forward to its first UK tour in November 2018, which along with new artists that Shy Cookie records with also features other established vocalists singing their classic hits such as Kele Le Roc, Sweet Female Attitude and more.
With the band now up and running and his label now putting on successful events, Shy Cookie has now returned to his roots in music production. Rather than solely rely on his many UK Garage hits however, his focus is now on his new music both studio compositions and live Performances.