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Kleu & Richie Weaver

Kleu & Richie Weaver

Kleu & Richie Weaver

It has been shown many times that causing even a tremor in the tectonic plates on which the Drum and Bass Scene rests takes an incredible amount of force to achieve. Add to that the fact that such force must be sustained indefinitely in order for it to truly be felt, and you can see why so many attempts to cause movements go unnoticed…. But what happens when seemingly unstoppable forces collide under the surface? When titans of the underground scene collide? Earthquakes, that have the whole scene feeling the vibrations, like the sub-low basslines through the sound systems we all love so much.

In this regard, Flex FM is proud to announce it’s brand new ‘D&B Show’ which will bring together two of the most well-known, well-loved and well-respected move makers in the UK today…. Richie Weaver, Co-owner of the legendary ‘Pure Science’, and Arcane, one half of ‘Kleu’, possibly the most exciting production duos around today.

Having established himself as a professional DJ in the early 90’s at the tender age of just 15, Richie Weaver has been a stalwart of the rave movement in Kent since it’s very inception. From the historic ‘Heat’ events on Hastings Pier, to every night you’ll never forget at venues like Atomics, Slammer and Wonderland, Richie was there, not just setting the dancefloors alight with a bag full of fresh plates, but grinding the gears behind the scenes and keeping the whole thing pushing forward.

Similarly, Kleu’s Arcane and his ‘Audio Assault’ brand have not earnt the moniker of ‘Brighton’s finest’ lightly, creating a home on the South Coast for some of the UK’s biggest rave brands, including ‘Breakin Science’, ‘Jungle Mania’, ‘Worried About Henry’ and many more. Now, having spent the last 2 years solidly in the studio, Kleu have released on labels like Audioporn, DnB Allstars, Born on Road, Chopstick dubplate, Dub Shotta and Mollie Colllins’ Right Good Records.

Tuesday nights will never be the same again……
Tuesdays Bi-Weekly 8pm-10pm


8:00 pm 10:00 pm