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Charley Jai

Charley Jai

Charley Jai

Charley is a quirky, high-energy Presenter from London, founder of The Real Talk UK Blog and Owner of the Amplified Voice! podcast available on Spotify and Podbean (weekly motivation). She is also a Young Person’s Mentor and advocate for community development.

She thoroughly enjoys presenting and has been blessed with numerous opportunities across the stage (hosting events at London venues including Rich Mix and Mother London), for screen projects (such as The Real Talk TV Series UK) and on the radio since 2013. Charley is passionate about her professional development as a Presenter/Host and has completed training courses with TV Training Academy and also The Presenter Studio with Gareth Davies (TV Executive Producer – BBC/C4/ITV/SKY1/Channel 5).

Currently, Charley can be seen hosting AMPLIFIED for IGTV (Instagram – charleyjaiuk) where she speaks with real people who share real stories that an audience can relate to. The show is fun and interactive with the aim of inspiring viewers.


10:00 am 12:00 pm