What inspired you both to make the Headz EP?
Always wanted to something for Marky’s Innerground, and it depends on the track but in general, we took inspiration from Brazilian music (bossa nova) and basically flavours that we could imagine Marky bangin’ his head to haha so, Brazilian music, soulful vocals/melodies and nice breaks.
What is your favourite track on the EP?
My favourite is probably Bizness. I like the originality of its groove and the Italian mafia vocal sample saying ‘we’re here on business’ is just gangsta haha I love it.
Who would be your top three DNB producers for 2020?
2020 has been a bad year as we all know it, and to be honest, I’ve been more focused on production then DJing (for obvious reasons). So I’m not 100% on top of every release and dubs as I normally am. But there are 3 guys that got my attention this year for sure:
Dunk – dude can’t stop, releasing sick tunes almost every week
Molecular – my boy from Portugal, went from ‘up-and-coming producer’ levels to ‘top-notch doing this thing for 20 years’ levels in the blink of an eye. Absolutely loving his work
Replicant – dude makes the sickest beats!! Super humble as well. We always need more of that. (By the way, apart from molecular we got music with both of those guys coming soon)
How have you been coping with the Covid crisis, ready for a Covid-Christmas?
As good as anyone else I guess, it absolutely sucks and I’m sick of it. But basically lots of studio time and PS4 with friends in the free time.. hehe gladly music is not my main income otherwise I’d be screwed. As for Christmas, I don’t even know what’s gonna happen this year to be honest.
What is next for the BassBrothers 2021 and beyond? 
No big plans really just taking it easy making what we love every day without thinking too much about things (anxiety says thanks! Haha) but yeah, we have 2 forthcoming EPs in 2 of our favourite DnB labels plus a couple of remixes on the way. About the rest (DJing around etc) who knows… let’s just focus on staying healthy physically and mentally for now, till things get back to normal.