C.A.M has managed to make a huge impact in the underground U.K scene since his debut single ‘Act like you know’ in Summer 2017. Produced by the late DJ Daredevil the track immediately got rotations and made its way onto DJ MK and Shortee Blitz’s Hip Hop show on KISS FM. C.A.M followed through with his debut project ‘The First Move’ which showcased his esoteric, introspective lyricism and raw 90’s style of delivery. Released at the beginning of December, many respected names regarded it as the best debut album of 2017. Stand out tracks like ‘Cold Soul’ and ‘Twin Beacons’ were accompanied with high quality videos from Above Ground; the man behind the High Focus visuals.

‘Setting the Pace’ the main single from his fresh new E.P entitled Persian Rugs has just been released and already getting spins on stations all over the country. The new E.P is set for release on the 3rd of September