Raw, uncompromising and distinctive: the music of Carnao Beats is unmistakably a product of his London environment.
The tracks he creates are a cut above the norm: simultaneously bass heavy and complex, commanding and melodic, with an aptitude for working with vocals that only the most talented of his contemporaries share.
His 2012 debut ‘H.O.U.S.E’ came on Mark Radford’s revered Audio Rehab, establishing somewhat of a blueprint for a Carnao Beats record: tough, club ready beats and percussion paired with a intricately interwoven melodies.
This would be the start of a fruitful relationship between label and artist that included the more recent ‘Chords Of Life’ and ‘Paint Out The Sun’
The follow up to his debut, ‘Know My Name’ produced in collaboration with Amine Edge & DANCE was equally impressive, with both tracks now having clocked up hundreds of thousands of plays on YouTube and Soundcloud respectively establishing Carnao as major new player on the underground house scene.
Carnao’s next release, the sublime ‘Gone In The Morning’ featuring Donae’o caught the attention of A listers MK and Roger Sanchez. Both have been staunch supporters ever since, with Sanchez so enamored with Carnao’s music that the two teamed up on ‘Make Me Wonder’, a coproduction dropping on Stealth.
Further labels that have recognized his talents include King Street, CUFF Records and legendary NYC imprint Nurvous, who will release Carnao Beats v Gerry Gonza ‘98’ later this year.
A DJ who cut his teeth in the days of vinyl, Carnao’s talents behind the decks are equal to his studio skills, with lauded shows at world renowned venues alongside the likes of Josh Butler, Route 94, and Second City further adding to the hype surrounding him.
Carnao’s latest release is a reworking of Jean Jacques Smoothie’s house classic ‘2 People’ on Sam Divine’s cult DVine Sounds label: a shining endorsement from without doubt one of London’s finest house DJs.
In a crowded marketplace, Carnao Beats has managed to not only make a name for himself, but exceed expectations with every release. As Carnao himself puts it, “as long as you have the right mindset you can express what you like, come up with new ideas and create a new path for
yourself”. Long may he continue down that path.