Through their shared passion for art, Robin Andrews & Chris Edwards (AKA?Conduct) came together in 2009 and instantly began collaborating on a range of projects, from drawings to music to cinematography. They soon began DJing together across the UK and?Conduct?was formed as an outlet for their combined creative works.
Striving to show the world what can be done at 170 beats per minute,?Conduct?s?palette is a dramatic juxtaposition between electronic and acoustic instrumentation with a cinematic approach to composition influenced by the likes of?Hans Zimmerand?Jesper Kyd. While it?s common for Drum & Bass producers to concentrate on dance-floor impact,?Conduct?s?primary focus is the evocation of an emotional response in the listener, creating a body of work that lasts far beyond the club.
2016 saw Conduct release their debut LP ?Borderlands? on the?Blu Mar Ten Music?label to universal praise from audience, DJs and fellow artists alike.
Between them,?Conduct?have a rich and diverse musical history, from playing live in extreme metal, be-bop and jazz bands, to the delicate nuances of digital sound design. This tapestry of experience is reflected not only in their studio production but also in their dynamic, widescreen DJ sets, which range from the subsonically deep to the beautifully soulful and the fearsomely technical. These skills have recently seen them shell down venues across the UK and Europe including?Fabric?s?legendary Room 1 alongside?Friction,?Netsky?&?Loadstar