Ben Carvin, aka ‘AGRO’, charged head first into the Drum and Bass scene in 2013 with the release of the ‘Isolated EP’, on Levela’s MultiFunction label, and has since established himself as a name synonymous with the jump up side of the genre.
Originally from the Isle of Wight, Agro started DJing at 14 years old, so is certainly no stranger to a pair of Technics, which shows in his well crafted, high energy sets. At the tender age of 18 he moved to Brighton and cut his teeth on the local scene at iconic venues like The Volks and Concorde 2. Since then the demand for Agro’s killer performances have seen him spread his sound across the UK, with high profile residencies at nights like Breakin Science, Playaz, Innovation, On a Mission and Worried About Henry, plus further into Europe, from Belgium, Switzerland and Germany to Amsterdam and beyond. Now clocking up appearnaces with the likes of Eksman, Riko Dan, Killa P, Devilman, Traumatik, Vapour, Bassman and Fearless, it’s no wonder the word is out that this DJ is nothing short of a problem!
With the DJing side firmly accounted for, Agro turned his head to production and was quickly signed exclusively by MuhltiFunction where he stayed for 4 years and had a string of hard hitting releases. Not content with this, Agro has now been running his own label, Sub-liminal recordings for 5 years and has guided it from strength to strength, cementing it as a pillar of the Jump Up sound, as well as a successful self promoted club night.
If you’re into drum and bass, unless you’re one of those die hard amen sample junglist who stopped listening in 1994, expect to be hearing a lot more about Agro soon. Backed by the likes of DJ Hype and with forthcoming music on Ray Keith’s Dread imprint, it’ll be hard not to!!