Konz is a producer/dj from south London. He has an impressive list of lineups to his name but has taken a back step on the djing to concentrate on production.

With tunes signed to established and upcoming labels konz brings the minimal but bass heavy vibe to the table. 

Konz has absolutely smashed this one. Brand new on Murky Digital, Paper Man is a minimal collection of forceful tones and subby wobbles, each track has this funky, stepping feel to it and there are some seriously dirty bass touches. ‘Blinded’ is exactly that, with a jungley but excessively clean drum line, this track just rolls out and out with a wicked progression that takes you on a tour through futuristic, grating soundscapes. DJ Hybrid also lands on the remix for ‘Paper Man’, which he hasn’t changed much except to ground even further into a solid bed of sine waves and snapping snare cracks.