DSP or Digital Sound Processor found his way into the underground scene at the young age of 11 after starting with Rap. He got his first turntables at 12 and has never stopped since. Starting so young he started working on the market selling Handbags and later on tape packs for a local record shop and was able to buy records every week from 1992 onwards. Having a vast collection of Jungle, Hardcore, Hiphop, soul, funk reggae and many other types of music could only lead one way and that was production. Starting off at school he self-taught himself the Akai and quickly developed a love for engineering and creating music. 

DSP has been producing jungle since 1994 with his first release in 1997 with at the time underground jumpup hit the DON. going under the names, Leo, MK2, and DSP since 1999 he has been making music for labels such as Banging tunes and Skeleton Recordings. Future solo works are due soon and future collaborations with Sicknote and Programs in memory. 
Cooking up not only music but loving food comes as another interest of Leo who is always in the kitchen and showing his creations on Instagram.