Efflex is your 140 man, literally. Banging drums and bunking lessons did him a lot of favours growing up, transitioning from drumming lessons to finessing pirate radio sets at the height of the dubstep surgence by age 16. 2011 witnessed his relentless advance, organising his own raves in the same Worcester Park that he later came to name his infamous KT4 beat after. It’s safe to say that starting out placed him in the right place at the right time, making him a man of the moment. In a way, Efflex has spent much of his time behind the scenes, except now, as a producer, he’s come for his dues.

Towering at 6 ft 6, Efflex is pretty hard to miss, as is his sound. Playing dubstep has taken him to Switzerland, Belgium and the Czech Republic, cultivating an organic following in the process. But with age comes wisdom, hence his well intentioned transition to the darker, deeper sounds that characterises grime. The dingier stuff always sat at the back of his desktop, so he decided to switch pay for passion in a courageous career move. The fusion of what he describes as “darker dubstep” and “dingy grime” recreates the virtual reality of the same hot and sticky raves he spent most of his come up in.