If you don’t know about Filthy Gears and you’re a grime fan, where have you been?

You’ve most probably heard at least one of his riddims on radio and there’s no wonder why he’s being named as ‘the most consistent producer in grime’.

Hailing from London, now living in Rugby, Filthy Gears has come a long way in the scene. Last year he dropped his debut album on P Money’s label Mandem Worldwide. It was also P’s first release so it’s clear he has a lot of faith in the producer.

The self-titled album was a huge milestone in his career and being able to link up with the likes of Wiley, Capo Lee and YGG, his name then became even more scratched into the surface of grime music.

Drawing on the darker side of Grime, Filthy Gears is an alchemist of the genre. His combination of different elements from Hip-Hop, Jungle and Garage make for a unique spin on the raw and energy-laden sound that is prevalent across the 18-track release. His continued evolution of Grime has made him stand out to both MC’s and DJ’s earning him strong support from the most respected and seasoned names in the game.