American performing producer based in London UK, whose music presents a fusion of reggae motifs and vocalists with jungle, dub and bass music. Founded collective and label Chopstick Dubplate in 1998. Other colaborations include JingBong Ting with Max Powa starting 2007, Itchy & Jacky with Itchy Robot in 2010, and production for Congo Natty starting in 2012. Jacky gained notoriety recording and producing ragga-jungle at his disc cutting studio in Brooklyn NYC. Well known releases produced for Chopstick include “Soundboy Gone” featuring Jah Mason, “Worldwide Traveller” featuring Top Cat and Mr Williamz, and “Buddy Bye Teng” featuring Johnny Osbourne. Productions on other labels include “Murdarer” featuring Barrington Levy, “Cool Me Off” featuring Levi Roots and Mikal Rose, and remix of Congo Natty’s jungle classic “Jah Sunshine” featuring Tenor Fly and Frankie Paul . Currently working out of his London studio with longtime colaborator Aries, Jacky has focused on UK based performers for recent Chopstick Dubplate material, working with artists such as Mr. Williamz, Cheshire Cat, Demolition Man and Top Cat. Originally known for dj performances featuring exclusively home-cut 10” acetates, time spent exploring in the studio lead to development of Jacky’s current live show, a journey through reggae and jungle combining analog dubbing philosophy with modern digital.