James hails from South East London and is predominantly known as a grime artists, although his development as an artist has seen him transcend in to various different realms including UK Rap and even house.


In 2012, James’ underground buzz and mutual connections led to him forming a partnership with South London production powerhouse Splurgeboys.


As a member of the newly formed Paper Aero Plane (PAP) collective, James found a new lease of life and creative direction.


Now developing at an accelerated rate, James has continued to meander through the underground scene holding his own against some of the most prolific MCs to ever touch the microphone over a 140bpm track.


The God Father of Grime himself, Wiley, referred to Pyke as true mic man. His energy is second to none and when it comes to live shows, he has proved time and again that he has an innate ability to ensure the crowd reciprocate. A true gift.


James is currently preparing to release his debut ‘Down TheRabbit Hole’ album which sees him step out of his comfort zone and really display just how versatile an artist he is.