Beginning to learn the art of DJing at just 11 years old and progressing to music production at the age of 14; its safe to say Levela has dedicated his life to music.

In his 10th year of releasing tracks, Levela has imprinted his own unique style upon the Drum and Bass scene receiving widespread recognition from his peers

whilst remaining humble and grounded.  Off of the back of previous release success, in 2010 Levela created his own label, Multi-Function. Multi Function has since become the music releasing home of label head honcho Levela. With label support from some of the most renowned artists within the scene, Levelas tracks have been heard worldwide. I

n 2017 Levela released his first album ‘GENESIS’, receiving extensive DJ support including plays on BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra.

Levela’s success is not only held to production but his self-styled 4 deck mixing has led to him performing ‘Sold Out’ tours of Latin America, North America and Australia with regular European gigs too. Levela has held down a 5 year club night within his home town of Brighton with expected expansion of this in 2018.

2018 is signalling a new era in Levela’s sound with ambition to spread his production across all genres of DnB further breaking down the DnB sub-genre walls.

Watch out for special guest label appearances which are just around the corner.