Croydon based (bred) Blackeye MC has been crafting his hosting skills on the circuit from an early age, developing his skills with his local contingent, Lab Creation.  Lab Creation held a venerated weekly radio show on the acclaimed London’s Original Life FM for around 4 years.  While running their own parties, he found his first residency at a night called spectrum in Croydon.  Here he met Andy Skopes, and worked with many others, using this as a base to develop his craft.  As a result, Blackeye MC met Chris Inperspective and became a resident MC at the legendary Technicality night at the famous Herbal night club, establishing a major platform in his development.
From around 2006, still crafting his skills, Blackeye MC became a resident at the formidable Rupture nights after being recognised by Double O and Mantra.  Bookings started coming in thick and fast, and he started to hold various residencies with nights such as Tech:nology, Fizzy Liquid, Launch, Function Records, AKO to name a few.  These prime residencies unlocked opportunities to play at the legendary Hardware, Cylon recordings,, SunandBass and many other nights up and down the country hosting for a wealth of the scene’s pioneers, including the likes of Fabio, Randall, Storm, Gremlinz, A-Sides, Bailey, Digital, Spirit, Eveson and Loxy plus more.
Heavily influenced by hip hop, Pop, funk, soul, jazz and reggae and dub, Blackeye MC uses his knowledge of music to craft his art.  Inclined to deliver his deep vocals, not on top of the music as a major focal point, but with a complimentary approach, Blackeye MC exudes presence enough to touch the music with his deep, soulful tones.  This is a Master of Ceremony that works with the music, deftly complimenting rhythm and sound whilst being the go to person as the voice throughout the night.