“Are you an MC or an Artist? Pick one” A question faced by many a grime MC, however Izabelle ‘MC Lioness’ Fender epitomises why there is no need to choose.

14 when she began using lyrics as an outlet Lioness showed a lyricism and wit far beyond her years. A chance walk past an open bedroom window, a few carefully crafted verses later and she soon became first lady of the Mastermind Trooperz. From there, it wasn’t long before talk of a young female MC was on everybody’s lips, the fuse had been lit.

Burn a little further down the trail and Lioness had many a radio session and many a radio appearance under her belt, from On Top FM and Raw Blaze; gaining her a firm and loyal underground following, to Radio 1, Kiss 100 and 1Xtra. Verses in videos such as, Rep Ur Endz – South, Don’t Talk and Phuture Journey further cemented Lioness as a classic MC, the fuse continued to burn.