MC Tempza, real name Michael Dyson Adams, is a drum and bass MC who prides himself on an ability to cover all aspects of MCing – hosting, crowd hype, both single and double time flows, singing and a unique stage presence.

Tempza began to get rave exposure on the big stage around 2007, winning the Random Concept MC competition and achieving to play with the majority of acclaimed and reputable DJs on the circuit up until the close of the year. In 2008 he decided to leave the country for 8 months. Travelling the world enabled Tempza to design and build a brand new repetoire of meaningful and content-driven lyrics, using experiences and thoughts to conjugate bars that are second to none, yet still able to flow effectively over drum and bass both in double and single time form.

2009 after travelling led to a further period of lyrical architecture, with several stage appearances throughout the year. Tempza earned a now regular weekly slot on London’s Flex FM in order to reveal the new styles and flows to the listening community. Feedback was outstanding and support from a lot of people meant that it was time to move forward. The aim, to be in a position to hit the scene at the start of 2010 with heavy impact.

Winner of the 2010 Innovation in the Sun MC Competition, Tempza has been a regular face on the drum and bass circuit throughout 2011, gaining bookings at high profile events in the UK and abroad. Alongside a solo MC career, Tempza is focusing heavily on hosting the music made my one of the freshest and most exciting Drum and Bass production duos in the scene, Hybrid Minds who released an EP on Audioporn. 2018 looks to be a big one…..

Tune in on Monday 13th August from Midnight until 2am.