Met d  (dj)

My artist name is MET-D
I brought my first set of turntables back in 2000 when i was 15 years old, they were only a cheap pair as i was just curious and started off by mixing hard house as the decks i brought came with a job lot of hard house vinyl so continued playing this for about 4 months and learned the bare essentials. 12 months later i went to my first Drum and Bass rave (Flash back) at the Q club birmingham where i fell in love with Drum and bass music I spent the next 4 years building up an impressive DnB vinyl collection every week i would spend all of my wages on vinyl shopping in Birmingham and then returning home to mix up my new tunes.
I first got my name out there when i started to get booked at small nights in my local town Cannock and from that i secured a weekly set on the Midlands pirate radio station Distinct FM Every Saturday i played and i quickly grew a big fan base on the station and i would get alot of comments about my tune selection and aggressive style my favourite producer at the time was Dj Lymitless and i had asked him over to guest on the show a few times and from that a close friendship formed and he would drag me up and down the country to big events he was playing at i absolutely loved it.
My first big booking was at the Q club on NYE wich was absolutly massive for me not only was it the first rave venue i went to many years back but i had a NYE set too and from that i got bookings in London, Birmingham and Bristol.
I have entered competitions in the past to see how far i could get and won various different ones like Bassmans and Skrewface i then got asked by Lymitless to guest on NWS’s show on Rough Tempo where i met Nuborn and the rest of the crew, after the show had finished i was approched by Lymitless and Nuborn and asked if i would be willing to join the team, i was now a part of the massive NWS Dj’s Lymitless, Certified, Nuborn and Myself MC’s Chinksta, Sammy C, Agzzy and Nabsi you can catch Myself and NWS every other Saturday 8-10pm on SUB FREQUENCY RADIO and also every other Saturday live streaming from our (Nws – New Wave Sounds) Facebook Page 7-9pm lots more to come from Myself & Nws in the future.

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Chinksta (mc)

My Artists name is CHINKSTA
Im a London based Mc and My music journey started as a DJ at 13 years old, I got some decks for my Birthday (thanks to my dad) so i started buying tunes and that’s how it started Music was always a big thing in my house growing up there was always tunes banging from somewhere and from a young age I realised it was in my blood.
I loved garage and that’s what I mixed till I met Friskie and he got me into to Drum and Bass we started going on a station called Elite Fm and I hosted the mic really liked it and started writing bars, practicing and started to get better i then started getting local bookings in Croydon and Epsom and then I got booked for Breakin Science in room 3 at the coronet a night I will never forget! I then made it to room 2 and become part of the Breakin talent team from about 2008-2010 then i started getting bookings with Carbon and 3flow Records at other Big nights Such as Sticky, Nu-Era, BPM and lots more around the country in places like Manchester Worcester leicester and the south coast to name a few.
I then joined Dub Damage Recordings and started getting booked over seas with my first booking at City Flow Festival in Belgium where I performed with some leading artists and performed to thousands it was one of the best experiences of my journey to date and since I have played in Belgium 2 more times at the Bass Junk Carnival and sub salute also Germany and the Dnb Shakedown Festival in Kavos not forgetting Amsterdam aswell.
During the 11 years I have been mcing in the scene I have held down Radio shows on Origin Fm, Laylow Fm , Flex Fm and Flight Fm with Gumbo as well as Rough Tempo with Nuborn and Nws, I’ve had many guest shows on other stations including kool Fm.
You can now catch me and my Nws family every other Saturday 8pm-10pm GMT on Sub Frequency Radio and every other Saturday also catch myself and Nws Live Streaming from our (Nws – New Wave Sounds) Facebook page 7pm-9pm GMT.
I took 2 years out then got back into my Music and teamed up with my Pal Nuborn and NWS spending the last 2 years working to get back to where I once was by releasing a mix series and a music video plus bookings up and down the UK, Amsterdam and Belgium too! As well as holding a residency on Rough Tempo and now being a resident on Sub Frequency Radio.
So Now it’s all about pushing myself and Nws to the highest of heights with more Music Videos Mini Visuals & lots more projects from Myself and Nws.

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Aggzy (mc

My artist name is AGZZY
I live in Essex grew up listening to garage hip hop rap, jungle, grime, then it was always DRUM n BASS just the energy of music is what makes it the best!!
I first started writing in my last year at high school i only did it for a laugh first off doing bedroom sets and a few internet radio stations UNDERGROUNDFLAVAS, DRUMANDBASSWORLDWIDE and PHATBEATS Then I started to get booked at local events and a couple here and there out the area then i managed to get a residency on FORCE FM 106.5FM Radio and guested on CYNDICATE FM on a regular basis i then took a break from my music to start a family and in the 7 years out the game i never stopped writing! When I jumped back on the music I linked up with nabsi who I’ve known for years since youth club days! we started hitting the DnB again and Since being back I managed to get a residency on ROUGH TEMPO and was a resident for just over 2 years with a team called ELEVATED SOUNDS we did so many sick shows with this crew played many many room 2 and 3’s and other smaller dances up and down the UK too many venues to remember i have also performed overseas in Germany, Prague and Belgium.
I also like to have a dabble in a bit of hip hop too.

I’ve now joined up with the Nws – New Wave Sounds team Dj’s Lymitless, Certified, Nuborn and Met D with Mc’s Chinksta, Sammy C, Myself and Nabsi the team is going from strength to strength in the drum and bass scene we have already dropped a Dnb Cypher (Nws Cypher Episode 1) also a Mix Series and we have lots more projects planned! we are on lots of events in 2018 and it’s looking to be a big year for Myself and Nws.

You can catch myself and the rest of my NWS team on Sub Frequency Radio every other Saturday 8pm-10pm GMT and also live streaming from our (Nws – New Wave Sounds) Facebook Page every other Saturday 7pm-9pm GMT so keep your eyes peeled.

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Nabsi (mc)

My artist name is NABSI,
I started MC,ing when I was in the last years of secondary school to grime music with my friends and we made a crew called Unknown.
We used to do a lot of bedroom sets recorded on to cassette until we found the century youth club in Romford where we could go down once a week  and perform in there fully equipped music room to anyone who came down, i performed at the youth club for a few years mastering my craft then moved on to pirate radio stations such as life, raw flex and clash fm.
Still performing grime music I later then started making hip hop music and recording tracks at my friends studios and rolling with a few different crews ( cavalry, Kekkle & abh ) this is when I made my first mixtape in 2011 called slewins lane which is on band-camp, a few years later I met my good friend Erhz who has his music channel on YouTube Ouchere tv and started making music videos which are on his channel.
A couple years later I made my second mixtape called Rm veteran which is on sound-cloud with some big features 1 being my friend and the legend STORMIN.
Still making music videos and featuring on tracks I was asked by a couple friends to join them on wax fm and jump on some dnb and see how I get on, after enjoying my set I started performing to dnb now aswel And played in a few clubs in Southend and had my first taste at live gigs, I then joined the rough tempo station with my good friend and fellow MC agzzy and we was part of a crew called elevated sounds.
We did very well there working our way up the ladder in the scene performing at many venues ie ministry of sound, coronet, egg and boat parties and in that time I made my album called Royal blood which I’ve had amazing feedback from and is definitely my best body of work so far.
After parting separate ways from Elevated Sounds I have recently joined the mighty NWS crew Dj’s Lymitless Certified Nuborn Met D Mc’s Chinksta Sammy C Agzzy & Myself and already we’ve got a mix series on soundcloud, a cypher video out, got our custom clothing range and we’ve got loads of bookings in the pipe line. You can catch me and my Nws crew every other Saturday on Sub Frequency 8pm-10pm and also every other Saturday 7pm-9pm live streaming from our Nws Facebook page lots to come from myself and my Nws Team we have lots of projects on the go and look forward to sharing it all with you in good time.

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My artist name is NUBORN
I started mixing Dnb in 1996 when i started high school but was always listening to hardcore/jungle from a young age & to date I have performed on Freeze Fm, Dream Fm, Lush Fm, Life Fm, Origin Fm Rough Tempo, Sub Frequency & Now Last Saturday of every month 8pm-10:30pm GMT you can catch Me with my Nws Crew live streaming from Facebook on the (Nws – New Wave Sounds) Facebook page.
I have preformed at various venues over the years such as Coronet, Scala, Ministry Of Sound, Rex, Hidden, Air Super Club, Que Club, Brixton Academy, Brixton Mass, Egg Club Colosseum & Storm Club to name a few some big nights such as Breaking Science, Battle Of The Mc’s, Drumatics, Sunbeatz Warm Up Party, Shabbas B Day Bash, Future Sounds, Sdc Bassmans Valentines Ball, Basingstoke Live Festival, Let It Roll (Prague), Rough Tempo Dnb Weekender (Prague), Dnb Shakedown (Kavos), Aalst Carnival (Belguim), Junglism at a 600 year old castle (Scotland) & Innovation in the Sun (Barcelona) the list goes on.
I have done warm up sets for Andy C, Mampi Swift, Nicky Blackmarket, Hazard, Majistrate, Pleasure, Turno & more.
I am part of Nws – New Wave Sounds a Crew of artists from the UK Dj’s Nuborn & Met D Mcs Chinksta, Agzzy, Nabsi & Deeladee the crew is going from strength to strength with bookings up & down the UK & Europe. Nws has already dropped 2 Music Videos the Nws Cypher Episodes 1 & 2 Nws has lots more planned More Music Videos, Mini Visuals Mixes & more.
In 2016 Myself & Lymitless Started Nws Digital a Drum & Bass label catering for all styles of Dnb with current & forthcoming releases from Origin Lymitless Certified Ironlung Dangerous Jedi Samy Nicks Topdolla Niterider HydeUk Ki Eko & Lots more!
There’s plenty more to come from Myself Nws & Nws Digital so watch this space!!

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