Born and raised in the Eastside of London and known for representing Stratford, not to mention being one of the foundation of artists that were a part of the original UK GARAGE/GRIME M.C’s…
Firstly alone for a number of years building he’s reputation,
Then joining ‘Supreme Team’ and further going onto
‘East Connection’ who helped undoubtedly pave the way of what’s known today as GRIME!
(If your a true garage/grime fan you will know!)
It’s fair to say that ‘PRESHUS’
Carries the…
‘Grandfather Clock’ reputation…
Well respected as one of the pioneer’s of the UK urban music scene.
Performing all over the world from everywhere from London and the rest of the UK, to Malia,Kos,Zante,
Amsterdam,Spain,Sweden to name but a few.
Regularly a fixture on all of the major UK underground promotion line ups for the likes of
TELEPATHY,SUN CITY,UKGFEST plus many many more.
Credited to be also one of the handful of MC’s personally picked to be fortunate enough to work alongside the likes of DJ EZ,
‘PRESHUS’ is still shutting down stages and festivals all over the globe and also has various releases/features/mix tapes/albums/videos out on ITunes,YouTube etc.
Known as one of the elite of UK Mic men..
‘PRESHUS’ is even mentioned and accredited by the ‘Grime Godfather’ WILEY in he’s autobiography,
as at one point as..
“THE GUY” and also mentioned on previous material from GHETTS and KANO also being featured as one of the names listed in GODSGIFT’s UKG smash of the greatest UK MC’s track
‘Mic Tribute’.
With such levels of appraisal coming from some of the best in the business,
It’s definitely fair to say that ‘PRESHUS’ is concerned as a household name within the UK urban music scene and clubland.
Currently working on new material,mix tapes and he’s debut album ‘Evolution’,plus a follow up album ‘Waterproof’…
All that is left to say is watch this space!!!