Scholar Tee
I’m a London based Underground House DJ, producer, record label owner & occasional event promoter currently active on the club scene.

Having cut my teeth in Brixton from 2007 at my long standing residency ‘Persona’ at The iconic Fridge Bar every Sunday night for the best part of 4 years, I then went on to co-run the ‘Se7en Music LDN’ event night & record label. I am currently pushing ‘The Scholar At Work’ brand which is a concept that started out as a mix cd compilation back in 2007.

I currently curate a monthly podcast around it and will be launching a party then subsiquently a record label based on it too.

Away from that, I hold a dj residency at ‘Funky House All Day (FHAD)’ playing regular gigs in their Shoreditch home & cities across the UK and Europe such as Oxford, Birmingham, Newcastle, Amsterdam, etc.

It all started for me in 2001, when going out to raves was a weekly activity. It was previous years of regular visits to clubs in all corners of London that convinced me that I wanted to further get involved. It wasn’t too long after this that I decided to become a dj.

Ever since then, I have been doing the necessary hustling a dj has to do. Such as purchasing untold amounts of records, putting in hours at a time of practice sessions, compiling mix-cds, and most of all, where I feel it all begins, going on radio. With years of experience under my belt, as I would admit to myself, there is still a lot to be learnt. Just like a famous saying goes: It’s like growing up, you never stop learning.

In the early days, my main inspiration in djing was Dj EZ. Whenever I feel down or disillusioned about the whole djing & music thing, especially its politics, just one listen to one of EZ’s typical sets re-energizes & reminds me why I got involved in the first place. I also got inspired and played a lot of productions from the likes of Todd Edwards, Grant Nelson, Masters at Work, Wiley, Wookie and DJ Sticky.

I started out by spinning all forms of Underground Garage ranging from 2 step, 4 to da floor, vocal garage, old skool, grime and sublow etc. I also played a selection of House tracks of which were mainly inspired by my long time love of old skool Dance music.

In 2006, I made the switch to primarily become a House music dj playing a wide selection of sub genres such as Funky & Soulful House, Electro House, Deep / Tech House, UK Funky and even similar related sounds such as broken beats.

These days I tend to play less of the Funky stuff but always quick to pay homage to events such as Persona, which did an awful lot in helping put me on the underground scene map in London, by laying down vintage old skool sets at my Funky House All Day residency.

I also still retain my garage collection and can be heard providing a rare garage set.

My current & future goals are to carry on pushing House, Funky & Dance music via my mixes, podcasts & live gigs.

Also via productions of my very own. Watch this space!