Sef Kombo began his journey as a Soulful, Deep, Afro house DJ 9 years ago, however he has been dabbling with the 1’s & 2’s for far longer. Growing up in Brixton, South London, Sef learnt the basics while associating with ‘Krazy Hype’, using Farda Fifa’s vinyl collection as practice material. While he only saw this as a pastime, these sessions were fundamental in Sef’s decision to pursue a professional career as a DJ. It wasn’t long that Sef discovered the sounds of house & funky and thus the birth of ‘DJ Funkin’ Sef’ was born. His prowess on decks also granted him the title ‘Sef Knows Best’.

With an industrious move of location, Sef based himself in Leicester and infiltrated the burgeoning Uni-rave scene. Playing house & funky in a ‘Bassline’ dominated scene quickly separated Sef from his counterparts and made him synonymous with the genre of house.
Sef began producing the mix CDs ‘Sef Knows Best’ & ‘In The ‘Funkin’ House’, defining his style and educating a new generation on a once obscure genre. The years went on and Sef refined his style from funky to deep house, creating the internationally renown ‘Sef Sessions’ series of house podcasts.

Delving ever deeper into the music, Sef discovered the world of afro house and inspired him to release the mix cd ‘Afro Power’ to showcase the works the best African house producers, introducing southern Africa to the sounds of Sef Kombo.

Having hosted regular shows on London’s Bang FM, Reprezent Radio and BBC Radio 1xtra, Sef has also appeared on Kiss 100, BBC Asian Network, Rinse FM, East Africa Radio & two special guest features on Lars Behrenroth’s world renowned podcast, “Deeper Shades Of House”.

Augmenting his name to Sef Kombo, he now manages a successful brand and event, Til Two as well joint ventures in Motherland and Sessions. Sef continues to expand his skills as a DJ and a broadcaster with his radio show #SKRH. He also dabbles in a bit of music production with his first release as part of the collective M.A.K coming in the summer.

What you get from Sef Kombo during a set is a journey and an education to great songs, he is never afraid to play the unfamiliar but be sure when he drops them, they sound good…

Sef Kombo
+44 (0) 7719621814