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Hey guys, my name is Noelsie and i have been a professional DJ for over 25 Years, i have been fortunate to play in some of the biggest clubs in the UK – The Hippodome (London), The Syndicate (Bristol) and Event 2 (Brighton) to name a few. Have guested at events such as “Gatecrasher” “Its A London Thing” “Miss Moneypennys” and also have guested aboard in Greece, also been fortunate to work alongside some amazing people including Nicky Blackmarket, Ratpack, Luck and Neat, Judge Jules and can’t leave out Flex’s very own Carloss (Not worth the aggro id get if i didn’t mention him lol). I was also a resident at Abacus/The Loft in Kettering and we hosted some of the biggest names around including – Stormzy, J Hus, Jay Kae and the legend that is fatman Scoop. During lockdown i joined a internet radio station called TLR, they gave me chance to have my own show, for which i will always be greafu for Also during lockdown i became a judge on a virtual DJ competition called “Mixmaster” alongside Mr Tutt, Carloss, Nicky Blackmarket and Ray Keith to name a few.. This is amazing to be a part of and some of the DJ talent you see which included our very own Ellie Cole is just frightening…
Now you know a little about me, why not come join me for my multi genre show here on FLEX, crazy i used to listen to this as a kid now im here lol

“In Music We Trust” every Wednesday night 10pm – 12am


10:00 am 12:00 pm