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George Renzi also known as Dj Renzi first found his passion to dj at the young age of 14. Renzi was and still is a student of underground music, always listening to the pioneers of old school jungle and uk garage rave tapes in the 90’s. Idolising the unmatchable skills of DJEZ and The Heartless Crew he was immediately inspired by the art and since then he has built his own style of dj-ing and the ability to mix multiple genres of music before the digital era arrived (vinyl). Renzi has dj-ed at numerous raves and played on multiple pirate radio stations all over London building a reputation for his style of mixing and selecting music that isn’t as familiar as others but knowing that his sets always made an impact as his ear for a vibe was very unique. Renzi’s audience continues to grow, and his contribution to the growth of Amps&decks hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Tune into Renzi every Saturday from 14:00 – 16:00


2:00 pm 4:00 pm