Growing up in North West London Spin.E.B got into music at a very young
age, attending under 18’s events by the age of just 11. It was through
these events he developed an interest in DJ’ing, and how the crowd
interacted with the music.First it was Jungle music, where he would spend hours on end listening
to Kool FM. But once he discovered UK Garage he never looked back,
with Ice 88.4 fm playing a major part in introducing him to the genre.

Recording shows and playing them back at school was the norm, and he
started to become inseparable from his walkman. Then at the age of 12
he took the plunge, and got his first pair of decks – a pair of
Soundlab Belt drives.

From there his DJ career kick-started, and he began record shopping
for the latest UK Garage vinyl. He managed to get himself a job early
on for two days a week after school, at Bassline Records in Kilburn.
Here he was able to keep up to date with all the latest releases.

Starting out he did parties here and there, before getting himself a
set on a local radio station before school each morning.

Through his part time job at Bassline records he met a lot of people
from the UKG scene, including many DJ’s from Ice 88.4 fm who he looked
up to. After working in the shop for a while he got his first big
break, which would turn out to be pivotal in his career and set him up
for the years to come.

He landed a set on Ice 88.4 fm on Saturday mornings 10am-12pm, which
is where he experienced Technic 1210s for the very first time. His
first big stage come shortly after when he was just 13 at Notting Hill
Carnival, where he continued to play for years after.

As his show on Ice become more popular he started getting bookings for
a lot of under 18 events, which included Rhythm Nation, Education in
Dance, Pulse and many more. Spin.E.B then got a big break on the over 18 scene when he was booked by Liberty at club colosseum, while still at the age of 13. Where
he then went on to become a monthly resident for this event.

Over the next few years he started getting a lot more bookings at over
18’s, as well as under 18’s nights still. Playing at venues such as
Camden Palace, Bagleys Film Studios (Kings Cross), Colloseum Vauxhall,
Gass Club (Leicester Square), The Temple (Tottenham), Hammersmith
Palais and Scala (Kings Cross) to name just a few.

As he moved into his later teens he then switched stations
moving on to Freeze 92.7 fm, as well as guesting on numerous stations
including Choice FM, Radio 1xtra, Rinse FM, Freak FM, Bang Radio, Pyro Radio, Mac FM,
Phatbeats and Kool London.

During his career so far he’s played at many different venues
throughout the UK, and had bookings as far a field as Ayia Napa, Ibiza and

Still playing UK Garage to this date Spin.E.B has a real love for the Genre and can be heard at many different events and radio stations regularly, flying the flag for UKG.