There aren’t many DJ’s that have put in the amount of time and effort as Sweetpea. Her love for underground music originally stemmed from listening to pioneering labels such as Ram, Shogun and Dispatch. Currently based London, she has built a concrete reputation in her 16 years in the scene for delivering exhilarating sets packed with energy that leaves the crowd begging for more.
Since moving to capital in 2010 and landing a slot on Origin UK Radio with Philth, she has leapt from strength to strength. Her passion for hosting shows landed her a weekly slot on the iconic Rude FM in 2011 which she held for 7 illustrious years, as well as guesting on Ministry of Sound with Metalheadz stalwart Bailey. 
Famed for her live sets, Sweetpea has deservedly played at some of the biggest label and brand nights in Drum & Bass. Renegade Hardware, Symmetry, Flexout, Genesis, Soul in Motion and AKO Beatz are but a mere few that have had her grace the decks, supporting the biggest names in Drum & Bass at established venues across England and Europe including  Fabric, Electric Brixton, Fire, Coronet, Volks and The Nest. She is also a holds residencies with Sine Series, Freenetik, Warm Ears & Launch.
Sweetpea has predominately focused more on DJ’ing over production, however she is no stranger to making music. Having played around on Logic for the past 6 years, only recently has she started taking matters seriously. Her debut release was a track with PRTCL on Terabyte Recordings in 2016 titled ‘Afterthought’ which marked the real potential this lady has as a producer. As her confidence and technique grows it has made her spend more and more time in the studio and is currently tying up solo tracks to be released on Medschool, Terabyte and a collab with Wreckless for Dispatch to be released this year.
A true Drum & Bass head, her hard work and passion for the music she holds dear makes this lady is a real inspiration to other women in the scene. With lots in the pipeline for the future, who knows where Sweetpea will be in the near future…