Grime DJ Travis-T, hailing from North West London, started his career on Urbanfmtv in 2009.

Whilst working on his craft he met fellow grime DJ, Grandmixxer and shortly after -together – started the grime label Wig Power Foundation.

At the end of 2015, Travis-T joined up with Grime collective YGG and since has performed in many venues up and down the country such as Glastonbury Festival, Fabric & Camden Assembly as well as performing in clubs/festivals outside of the UK, including Helios Festival, T-Mobile Film Festival and many more.

Since his start on radio, he has featured on many stations such as Rinse FM, Flex FM, Radar Radio, BBC 1Xtra and is currently holding down an exciting monthly radio show on NTS Radio with YGG, showcasing their music and skills.