Joe Trex is a long time dnb fanatic based in Camden, London.  Over the years he has held down Dj’ing residencies in Plymouth, London & Brighton as well as playing out abroad on occasion.  He has also regularly featured on radio stations such as Origin UK, Rinse, Radio1 & Drum & Bass Worldwide.

In the last 6 years it is really his production that has taken centre stage.  Slowly improving his techniques and carving out a sound and identity of his own.  Releasing on labels such as, Chronic, Ingredients, Flexout Audio, Run Dnb, Blendits, Lockdown, Directors Cut and of course Mac2, which is where he has found a spiritual home & releases scheduled with Dispatch ltd, Sofa Sound and The Dreamers.  For 2018, all strains of dnb are in the repertoire.

A lot of the top players in DNB have supported his music over the years: Andy C, Bryan G, Doc Scot, Randall Hype, Dillinja, Bailey & Storm to name just a few.  Rolling Drums and heavy bass are the mantra and this is evident when Trex plays out live, Djing is not an after-thought and he truly knows how to work a crowd.

On top of his busy release schedule Trex set up his own imprint Trust Audio in September ’16 now up to release number 9. It has become a platform to further push his and like minded artists sounds out to the dnb fans. With momentum taking hold and circumstances aligning, Trex has completed a 2 year project in the form of ‘High Time’ due to drop on Mac2 this summer. 13 tracks that are true to the craft and project Joe’s personality in musical form for all to hear.  With Releases lined up for Dispatch, Sofa Sounds and The Dreamers……watch this space is the correct phrase to use.