TROUBLESOME BIOGRAPHY Born in England to a Jamaican Father and a Trinidadian Mother. Troublesome started out in music at a tender age of thirteen, entering in talent competitions and children’s singing showcases. While still at a tender age of thirteen Troublesomes family and himself departed from England to live in Trinidad and Tobago the land of his Mother. Troublesome entered school there and continued with his musical interests, he and some other friends in the same area formed a group called the rising sun and performed in school showcases for a while but then broke up. Then Troublesome headed to Jamaica his Fathers birth place and lived with his cousin Carol Rose the wife of the Grammy Award winner Mykal Rose. Mykal took him to studios where he could see the greatest of artists creating and performing their music. Troublesome voiced more tracks one was Africa Whe We From produced by Rap Rose in 1996. Troublesome after a while went back to England as a young man and linked up with Daddy Noddy a local record producer in Brixton where he lived, Daddy Noddy welcomed him into the camp where he had other Artists who he worked with. Troublesome then decided to invest in himself, so he and his sister opened up a record company called SW9 RECORDS. Troublesome produced his own track called PUT IT IN DEEP, he hired the the riddim kings of reggae music in the UK, MAFIA and FLUXY. After hearing Troublesome they offered to produce him for their projects. First single was a song called HUCKLEBERRY which had a good response from the public but a even greater response when it was remixed by DJ LUCK and SHY COOKIE who gave it a garage mix as garage music at the time was just coming into the scene the reggae fusion excited the dance floors to say the least. MAFIA and FLUXY also released GAL CONTROL, WOK A WELLA, NO LITTLE SCUBBS, POSITIVE, and loads more and still Troublesome is recording with them. Troublesome also works MDOTEMPIRE in NEW YORK Queens they do a lot of Troublesomes mix tapes.Now Troublesome is also working with various European Producers on further reggae projects for the summer, the work rate never stops for the Trouble.