Vex guest with Dj Kae & Teanna Bianca – Saturday 15th November – 16:00-18:00

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UK Rapper ‘Vex’ also known as ‘Vex Artist’ is Forest Hill’s own pioneer. He has been in the UK music scene for many years & is now starting to establish himself amongst some of London’s well known artists. When you mention rappers from Lewisham borough, Vex is an artist that you will hear about from different crowds.

He released his first ever EP entitled ‘Psalms 23’ which reached number 9 in the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts within less than 12 hours of its official release. Prior to its release it was also ranked highly in the Bestselling Pre-Orders charts on iTunes.

He has collabs with some of the UK’s biggest artists including Stormzy, Mo Stack, Cashtastic, Gunna Dee, Rapman, Desperado, Splurge Boys, M Dargg, Don Strapzy & Many More names. As well as collabs with some of the UK’s biggest artists, he’s had live performances all over London & other cities in the UK.

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