Vibesey is a group of ten djs and UKG vinyl collectors from an assortment of areas around London and the Home Counties – the one thing which we all have in common is the collective love for underground garage new and old along with vinyl culture.

Although there was some association between members beforehand, we all spoke with each other independently via Instagram and other social media platforms when people started posting videos on their own pages and engaging in conversation surrounding underground music.

Via a WhatsApp group, we started discussing further, sharing and helping each other in the constant battle to hunt out new music, old or in-between. It was not until January 2019, when we decided to start our Instagram page under the banner of “Vibesey,” it was set up to showcase the ‘other side’ of garage music which everyone may not have access to, perhaps the record has been deleted, the fact
that it is rare of ultimately has not been unearthed. What we wanted to be was the opposite of mainstream garage events, our moto is to ultimately ‘play something you don’t know,’ the only way the movement can grow and develop is by embracing all sounds – people think we are against more
commercialised garage, that is not the case, we just don’t need to hear it all the time.