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Chloe Mykel

Chloe Mykel


Chloe (or Coco as her friends call her) takes you through the best in old school and new school music from a range of genres with a mix of games, chit chat, special guests and more!
Chloe’s love of music started before she was born, with her Dad playing her Beethoven in her Mum’s tummy (true fact!) She grew up listening to a wide genre of music through influence from her Dad, played keyboard and guitar in her adolescent years and was even part of a girl band in Secondary school. Her love for music blossomed, however, in her 20’s when she found herself managing her brother, artist Young M, and moving into the world of Music Management. It was also around this time she found her passion for radio and presenting, having hosted various events and workshops across London and even speaking at seminars and industry events about her journey through the music industry.
Catch ‘The C-Mix Show’, with ‘Chloe Mykel’ – Wednesdays (monthly) from 12:00 until 14:00.
Instagram : @cocomykel