DJ Majestik has been slipping and sliding around the Jungle / Drum n Bass scene for a number of years.  He was selected by Jungle music to become an Original Jungalist back when it all began and has never looked back. He brought his first pair of turntables in 1994, at the tender age of 14 following the crossover of Jungle music from Hardcore. ‘Jungle music got me excited which never changed. I’ve since only played Jungle and DnB. Never sold out. A ‘specialist’ if you like!’

Starting out on small pirate radio stations and playing at private parties, he soon got his break aged 18, at ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’ a spin off at club Labyrinth where I won a DJ competition called ‘The Gong Show’ putting me in the spotlight. From that point on, DJ Majestik never wanted to blend in to the background. ‘I was always a stand-out DJ wherever I was booked and it’s still that way today. ‘I’m not here to make up the numbers…. I’m here to make a difference!’
Having played for some of the biggest promotions including Club Labyrinth, Dekefex / DFX, Best of British, Raindance, Drumatics, Dreamscape, Rave Nation and was a long-term resident at the mighty One Nation for many years.

Radio has always been a big part of his career; playing on stations as Pyrotechnic Radio, Drum and Bass Worldwide, Origin FM, Phat Beats, Interface, and has held residencies on Kool FM, Life FM, Rough Tempo and, of course, the original Flex fm!

‘I f***ing love Drum ‘n’ Bass and I live & breath Jungle. It’s inside me and makes me feel alive. Lock in to my show and you might just feel it too!’


Majestik is on FLEX FM on Tuesdays 18:00-20:00