DJ Milky brought his first set of decks on his 18th birthday after bring introduced to Electro music in his basement at home. He regularly went to Soho buying vinyl from shops such as Blackmarket and Wax City starting with ‘6 Minutes’ by Dougie Fresh. His musical inspirations were Randall and Kennie Ken, where he learnt his mixing techniques and how to use pitch control.

Milky got a guest set on Don FM with Chemistry Records on a Saturday night from 18:00 – 20:00 and then joined FLEX FM through Denzil, when it was a pirate station back in 1992. They started off their first show with ‘Deep Inside’ by Hard Drive. 4 years into FLEX, Milky was playing back to back with Wobbler doing 4 hour sets. He then moved on to doing his own show on Sundays, moving up the timetable and has been with the station ever since.

As well as playing on FLEX FM, Milky has also played on Vibe FM, Don FM, UK Dance, Mint FM and Boys FM. Milky has played at events at the Colliseum, Chunnel Club, Strawberry Sundaes, Sunny Side Up, Dungeon, Old Skool House at Babbaloo, Fantazia and Lightbox to name but a few.

Tune into Milky bi-weekly from 14:00 – 16:00 where you can expect to hear good music along with lots of banter.