Rick Live

Rick Live


If the music makes your head nod, feet shuffle, turn n’ wine and skank out, chances are Rick Live is the man on the decks !

since before he’s teens , he’s been rocking some of the notorious bars and Nightclubs across the uk from Brighton,Liverpool,Canterbury,

Reding and list continues , he has also acquired some International Residencies in Ibiza,Malia,Thailand & Australia.

Whether it’s R&B, Hip Hop, House or Garage – if it gets the people going, he plays it! His style is a unique multi-genre blend, which covers every angle of urban music. In being flexible and adaptable to the crowd, RickLive appeals to a diverse audience and provides an opportunity to appreciate a complete mix of urban music.

He also brings originality and creativity to his sets with live remixing, giving a personal spin on current hits and classic tracks. Tempo transitions and beat juggling are also standard procedure in a RickLive set.

He has been fortunate enough to DJ at some of the Uk’s finest (Wembley arena , the o2 Arena ) and has played alongside many of his idols and inspirations, from spinning with Jazzy Jeff, DJ Luck&mcNeat, DJ EZ, to supporting stars like Will Smith,Dynamite,BBK,… . He has also shook the speakers in the presence of US artists and celebrities such as Todd Edwards, 1D’s liam Payne, J Cole,Travis McCoy, Ne Yo, to name but a few.

Rick Live the Producer.

With he’s love of the old skool he’s taken to remixing ,and has been rockin the dj city charts with huge success ,

2 number 2’s with (show me love & Dreamer) a number 4 with (Finally) he’s first offical track with vocal talent Shelley Nelson are bring back a classic (Something in your eyes) its only a matter of time before he hits the hot spot .

What’s to come? Rick Live aims to be at the pinnacle of urban music, whichever radio station or club that maybe. He plans to continue on his path to the top until his ears can’t take it any longer!