Tricky D

Tricky D


Dj Tricky D has been playing for over 30yrs, his musical influences come from soul, jazz funk & disco and can be found all through the soulfu & funky house music he plays today.

Hes played all over world at some of the best known clubs and club nites, including PASHA ( eygpt) & ( london), Hardrock Cafe
(eygpt) & ( london) The Lazerdrome, The Zap club, Futures, Paddocks, The fitness centre, SPACE, THE EGG, UNION, FIRE, & numerous spots at MINISTRY of SOUND.
Aswell as guest spots in TURKEY, IBIZA, GREECE & LAS VEGAS.

Over the years he played on numerous pirate staions.. ICE COLD, BOSS FM, STORM FM, ENERGY… and a 5 year show on Londons FLEX FM.

You can catch him every sunday morning with his new show and time on londons FLEX 101.4 FM .